Thursday, January 25, 2007

Preparing to Let it Go- the Esther Fast

Preparing To Let it Go

“Go, gather together all the Jews who are in Susa, and fast for me. Do not eat or drink for three days,
night or day. I and my maids will fast as you do. When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it
is against the law. And if I perish, I perish” On the third day Esther put on her royal robes and stood
in the inner court…Esther 4:16, 5:1

Hello Ladies, How has your journey been thus far? I know that this is a new place for you and it may even be somewhat strange; perhaps even uncomfortable but everything is leading to
that place where you can be free and you can soar. Sometimes it is difficult to actually get going but I hope that by now you have begun your journey to see who you “really” are. I hope that you have looked in the mirror and started to see the unmasked you.. This is not an easy
part of the journey. There are some curves that you will have to negotiate. There are some flashing lights on the road. There are some traffic back-ups that you have to sit through. You can’t get to the easy exit ramp to take a back road. You just have to sit and endure. You just have to face it. Your search for your true self, your authentic self, the you God wants you to be includes this part of the journey.

The next time we get together, we will all be on the bus together traveling on the road. In order to prepare for this trip, let’s get ready spiritually. I am asking each of us to fast for three days just as Esther did. Before a critical time in her life, she prayed and fasted. It was a life or death situation for Esther and before facing the king – she fasted. We will do like Esther did – before going before the King, we will fast. For some of us, this is a life or death situation and
we face it knowing that we must be spiritually prepared for God to move some things out of our lives.

So, let’s get ready. Start your fast on Thursday and we end on Saturday after class. There will be lunch for you at the end of class.

Now you should fast the way that you normally fast. Everyone may not be able to fast from food. Do what works for you, but be intentional, serious and prayerful about the transformation that is on the way.


Petronella said...

Oh my. I have just stumbled on your website looking for info on Ester's fast, and I am quite excited that I found it. I know this was a 2007/8 journey, but how can i become a part of it for 2011. I have had a horrific 2010 and can not wait for it to end, form losing my company to pastors twice over, financial crisis, cheating my business partner because of the financial dilemma, my husband being wrongly accused by a client...the list could go on. So i know i have done so many wrong things, but what I do know is that I am ready to start on a new journey to becoming a remarkable woman whom God wants me to be.
Please may I have more information. Thank you

Teenish said...

Dear Petronella, i was going to write the same message but since yours didnt get answered, here is what I suggest you should do. I will do the same. Continue with your fast. Do not lose sight of the reasons and that motivation will keep you going. Remember, God is our refuge and strength, our ever present help in time of trouble.

Juanitah Ntambi said...

I have also stumbled on this site looking for info on Esther fast. I have had a conviction to fast because what I have been thru. Betrayal after betrayal and not progressing in my life and it's time I took this on. I know I am late too but I want to join in the journey. I am able to stay from food but would it be ok if I take drinks because I have had ulcers in the past. Please let me know. I am lying in my bed without sleep and want to start tomorrow morning.

I need God to come through for me. It's been a long road and this is the time I have to face the 'king'.

AUDREY said...

hi i have just come across this website and i have to add that i am in the middle of serious spiritual attacks. i believe that i am in the midst of my breakthru. i feel the need to fast for some time now.

Elle said...

I have also stumbbled upon this site while looking for info on Esther's fast. I need breakthrough I have started today, friday 14 October 2011, when do I end the fast? Sunday morning, afternoon or evening? I cant take this wall blocking progress in my life anymore!!

Shawn Bwalya said...

Hi My name is Bwalya from Zambia. I stumbled over this website today as I'm looking for more information on Esther's Fast. The last few months have been bad, business gone bad, getting more and more into debt and almost getting evicted, I almost gave up on God, but something kept telling me to hold on. The past month I have been looking for prayers to get out of debt and I came across Elisha Goodman's website which got me here. I want to be the remarkable Woman God intended me to be. I knew about the 3 days of fast and I decided to start today not knowing that in the Hebrew Calender, Esther started today, on a Thursday. I feel a break through is about to come. Its no coincidence that I decided to do it today. Thank you God for all the people who share information about God. Stay blessed.

Fiola said...

Hi, I am Fiola from Namibia... I also had a rough time. It has been hectic for me, I work full time for God. I have been in relationships wit good man, they would declare their undying love for but yet go and marry another woman. This has happened over and over. So now it has to stop! I decided to do the Esther fast, that's how I got here. I m exited about it. I need more info. I know my life is changing for the better.

rahab wanjiku said...

My name is Rahab.I have been blessed by this am starting Esther's Fast and am believing God for a God fearing Husband and a Fruitful Job.After reading the testimonies in this site my Faith has been strengthen and and am going for mine.My testimony is the next in Jesus name

Rose G said...

Any replies

AdaJesus Chibuikem said...

I noticed there were no replies to the questions. there's another website i was introduced to that also teaches on the Esther fast.

hope you find what you need.